Caju from Brazil

Caju Collective was born from the desire to connect handcrafted Brazilian art to the world.

Our mission

We strive to bring you the most unique handmade objects while promoting and preserving Brazilian history, culture, and creativity. 

This platform will connect you to well-established and upcoming Brazilian artists, embracing human potential from different regions of the country. Our painstakingly curated collection celebrates diversity in all senses of the term, including medium, materials, style, ethnicity, and geography.

From ceramics to wood pieces, we value design objects as true art pieces breaking with the barriers that once distinguished craftspeople from fine artists. We are true believers of valuing authentic experiences and buying less to buy better. For us, one-of-a-kind design objects tell a unique story and represent an equally unique moment in time.

Who we are

CAJU COLLECTIVE is a women-led company founded by three creative, ambitious, and thriving Brazilian born women. 

An interior designer, an economist and a journalist. Three women united by a passion for Brazil and its culture, bossa and art. With a common goal in mind, they’ve combined their experiences and unique eye to put together a curated space where you can find the best from Brazil. At CAJU COLLECTIVE you’ll be able to find special objects that will bring a touch of Brazilian bossa to your home.