Handcrafted glass pieces

Handcrafted glass pieces

Ventura Design was born from the inquiring hands of designer Valeria Teixeira, who fell in love with glass during one of her many trips to Italy. Her first kiln was purchased on a whim, more than 15 years ago, in order to test small pieces. Today, she has five additional kilns, designed by her partner, and they are fired daily to create her tabletop collections that will travel through Brazil and beyond.



Each step of the production is essential to the Ventura Design quality seal, from the oxide chosen to bring the wonderful and unique shades of her pieces to life, to the hand cut sheets of glass, all the way to the tip of the brush, where the art happens.

The technique, known as fusing, allows Valeria to create pieces that conform in several styles of molds. The creation starts with a counter mold, and her inspiration comes from nature and its most touching forms and colors.



It is not until the kiln is opened, hours after having been fired, that the process reveals its unusual effects. This entire process makes the daily routine of Ventura Design into an incredible laboratory that preserves this ancient art.

Therein lies its enchantment.


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