Back to nature I Nicole Toldi's ceramics

Back to nature I Nicole Toldi's ceramics

In a global world increasingly consumed by junk and so much artificial stimulus, Nicole Toldi, a Brazilian ceramist, decided to turn to nature for solace and inspiration. With a background in landscaping, she found representation for her art in natural elements such as fruit, roots, leaves, and even in the sense of rhythm of wildlife.



Toldi mastered the use of raw porcelain to recreate shapes and textures that are ordinarily present in nature. Plaster molds for her pieces get new interventions throughout their process with each print-run. This results in every piece being uniquely extraordinary. Like nature, her art remains in constant transformation. Toldi’s work is entirely handmade and she uses exclusive white porcelain as a platform for her objects.



The white surface allows for the organic textures to emerge as the principal design element of her work. One of Toldi’s most impressive collections is the creation of vases as jackfruits. The “jaca” - as known in Portuguese -, is a fruit with a very unique scent that for many Brazilians provides a trip down memory lane. It’s a reminder of childhood experiences in the countryside, where this fruit is usually abundant.



Toldi says that it all started back in 2006 as a hobby. Ten years later, it turned into a business when Luiza Toldi, her daughter, joined the studio. Nowadays, they work at an ‘atelier’ located in the peaceful mountains of São Bento do Sapucaí, a small town between São Paulo and Minas Gerais. Living and working surrounded by nature, the potters have added meditation practices and deep observation into their creative process. Buddhism meditation also shaped the aesthetics of their designs by embracing the acceptance of transience and imperfection, two concepts of the Japanese wabi-sabi. The synergy between their work and their lifestyle is what characterizes their art. Like any mother-daughter relationship, their objects are perfectly imperfect. 

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